Knight Light Photography is Kimberly Knight… a professional photographer, coffee devotee, nap aficionado, kindness lover, introvert, and charming nerd.

Who's behind Knight Light Photography? The short, short version is simply Kimberly Knight. I am Central Illinois born and raised, went to college, got a computer programming degree, used it for a couple years in a job I didn't really dig, and then discovered my passion: photography.

The longer version is that I’ve been in business since 2006 doing what I love…loving my clients and freezing their memories. My pictures are vibrant with true to life colors. I try to avoid fads or things that would date the images. My goal is always to create timeless pictures of clients. Knight Light Photography has always just been dedicated to capturing the heart of the subject.

The challenge of working with the location, the natural light, and the elements are part of the allure of photography for me. Everything revolves around light. What's the best light for a particular subject? And I am all about finding your light. Sometimes finding your light means a little bit of creative lighting and sometimes it's unaltered warm evening light. Your light is as unique as you, and I am dedicated to finding it for you. It's kind of the unofficial mantra of Knight Light Photography.

“Finding your light” is more than just a mantra, though. It's a philosophy of life. It's not just how I shoot, but how I live. I strive every day to find the good in others and to show kindness to everyone I meet. Spreading light and love along the way as I stroll through life.

Speaking of light and love, my lights are my sons Jasper and Linus and my love is my husband Josh. They support me and always are cheering for me to go towards my dreams. They make me laugh every day but also make me feel beautiful. I strive to send that energy back to my clients every time I’m shooting. I’m an optimistic person who will always try to look for the good in anyone (sometimes to a fault). I love a good nap. If you bring me coffee, I’ll be your best friend. I would bake every day except I hate the cleanup. I greatly dislike squirrels. I love stationery and snail mail and have quite a few pen pals. And for personality test nerds, I am an ISFJ.

I once read a saying that said “I am a flame to light other flames”. It has stuck with me and I think about it daily. Am I doing something to spark other people? How can I make someone else’s day awesome? I’m so lucky to be doing something I love but also to provide joy to my clients. My goal each day is to be a flame to light others.

I shoot primarily on-location natural light sessions but also have a small studio in my home for newborns and children. I specialize in baby & child photography, high school senior portraits, and family photography, serving the central Illinois areas including Bloomington-Normal, Pontiac, and surrounding communities.


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