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snail mail

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed that I love sending (and receiving) mail. I remember one year in grade school we were given pen pals from a neighboring school. We all met up at a picnic at the end of the year. I had high hopes of becoming pen pals for life which of course, didn’t happen. Since then I’ve had quite a few pen pals and a number of them I’ve written to for years. Sending mail is a great way to utilize my love of paper and cards (and not feel bad when purchasing more!). I recently took over Jasper’s art cart and repurposed it for my cards and mailing supplies. It is so easy to roll out the cart and write some cards.

Here is a great online shop for washi tape – Cute Tape. Washi tape is a semi-transparent soft tape that is easy to use for embellishments, especially cards and envelopes. I have a problem buying this pretty tape so I recently told myself I couldn’t buy another until I used up one whole roll.

Lovely letterpress cards

Some Instagram inspiration: Papered Thoughts, Snail Mail Revival, Rehana.

“It may seem nostalgic, but I still believe there’s room for the handwritten note in personal and professional communication. They cost something, mean something, and have permanence in a way emails and text messages don’t.”

I love keeping in touch with friends in this way. There’s something so gratifying about taking the time to write a letter and I love the anticipation of a return letter. Do you have a pen pal?

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Do you work well in a coffee shop? Check out Coffitivity. This website plays the sounds of a coffee shop to help you get busy and work.

Twenty books to read with your child this Spring

What languages sound like to people that don’t speak that language

Laurel & Hardy dance to Santana – These never get old to me.

Check out Gethrr where you give a dollar to make a difference.

Even superheros take a break from saving the world to do a little art.


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“There is no single form or style of portraiture. Portraiture means individualism and as such means diversity, self-expression, private point of view. The most successful images seem to be those which exist on several planes at once.” – Peter Bunnell

Beautiful portraits from around the world.

Vintage wedding photos that made me happy.

I’m quite positive I need this t-shirt.

Shopping for a good cause: Check out Unlock Hope. Purchasing their products helps support a hostel in Uganda for young refugee girls. The money goes to health care, food, housing, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more.

Last, a snap of my kid out in the snow recently.

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Often times I have a few random links I like to share or a miscellaneous picture. Hit-or-miss is a little series that includes those things.

Jasper as my lighting tester.

Love this short (under three minutes) video about the power of empathy. Definitely worth a watch.

Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka photoshopped herself into old photos of her as a child.

Great reminders in the article: How to Improve Your Relationships and Make a Kinder World
Greet others.
Say please and thank you.
Be courteous in conversation.
Build people up instead of tearing them down.
Go the extra mile.

If you haven’t already, check out Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Basically you make a loan of $25 to someone (anywhere in the world) and then they pay you back. Repeat. If you’re new your first $25 loan is free!