Modern head shots | Headshot photos

I really enjoy doing head shots! This classic beauty needed some updated pictures for her realtor business card and I was glad she called me. We met up in downtown Bloomington and had an easy, quick session. I love this style of head shot especially as it looks more modern than the highly posed, marble backdrop, studio shot.




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Classic simplicity | Headshot photography

headshot photography

Headshot photography is common in the entertainment, modeling and corporate industries. Though I prefer to shoot outdoors, headshots can easily be done in my small home studio. I enjoy trying out different lighting techniques to get more dramatic portraits. For example, this shot I used only one light with a large softbox.

One of the most important aspects about headshot photography besides lighting is the model’s expression. The focus is solely on the face. Serious, playful, smiling, laughing are all great expressions for headshots as long as there is connection in the eyes to the camera. It also helps to know how the client will use their headshots. Are they a comedian? You’ll probably won’t want a session full of serious shots. It’s fun to pick up on the client’s personality and try to work that in. I didn’t expect to enjoy this type of work so much but I just love the simplicity of headshots.