Constant learning | Skill improvement


One of the things I love about photography is the need and desire to be constantly improving. I read blogs, participate in online classes, study, try new things…anything to better my photography skills. When I was first learning photography, I decided to do a 365 picture project. Every day of the year I had to take at least one picture. This was huge in helping me feel confident with my camera.

I decided to do another 365 project in 2012 because I felt the need to push myself more. I set some rules for my project by doing all horizontal pictures and only black and white processing. You can view the entire album on Flickr. I really feel like I grew a lot that year as a photographer. Forcing yourself to shoot everyday really can stretch a person. I was determined not to just take a snapshot of something but instead to really try and create my shots. I also didn’t want to just take a few pictures on one day and spread them out over the week. I found myself becoming more comfortable with low light situations. Since the days can be so short in the winter I would often not have time until after sunset to take my picture. Yearly projects like a 365 can be so beneficial to photographers. I always recommend them to people starting out. I think it was one of the best things I could have done for myself when I first got my camera.

And now it’s the time of year that I start wondering if I should do another 365. It’s a big commitment but the payout is immense. Photographer friends, have you ever done a 365 photo project? Would you do it again?

1 year & family love | Child photography

This past year has flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was doing Jace’s newborn session and now we finished up his first year of pictures. I met up with Jace and his parents at their house so we got to wander around doing pictures there. My favorite pictures (and Jace’s favorite part of picture taking) were playing on the swingset.







Newborn Callie | Baby photography

This session was in the works since her sweet momma found out she was pregnant. We messaged back and forth discussing options and colors. I could hardly wait to do the shot with the crown. When I got Callie positioned and put the crown on her head, her mom and I both got choked up. I love when a plan comes together. This beautiful baby was so content and a perfect angel during her session.