Life photogenic |Taking a minute for better pictures

I always tell people (especially moms and dads) wanting to take better pictures is that it often just takes a minute extra. This afternoon Jasper was playing with his Legos which are super popular in my house lately. I snapped the following three pictures super fast. In the first my exposure was too low and the resulting shot was slightly blurry. The second he gave me a goofy smile and the third he looked away.


The third shot though I took a second look at. The light from our windows was bouncing off his white Lego tray. I moved the tray just slightly for a better shot and took the following. One tiny adjustment, a second to get the right settings and boom…better pictures.






Love letter to Autumn | About me


Dear Autumn,

Hello, my dear… Oh how I have missed you and your cool breeze. As I snuggle on my couch with a mug of hot coffee, my cold toes remind me of your presence. I love how you make everything smell clean and fresh. Good riddance, hot and muggy summer. Thank goodness for open windows and the curtains blowing in the breeze!

I have already started working through my lovely scarf collection. Clothes in your season are better than all others. Layers, without huge bulky coats, are my favorite. Scarves, cardigans…they help complete a cute outfit.

Soon the trees will be glowing with the beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. The lovely colors of your season make me incredibly happy. With those beautiful leaves comes raking and jumping in the piles of leaves. I don’t think I will ever be too old to enjoy that. I can’t wait to pick out our pumpkins to fill our porch. They are so welcoming.

And fall, you taste so delicious. Pumpkin desserts, apples and apple cider… I will never tire of cinnamon and spices that go so well with you. I can close my eyes and almost smell the caramel apples I will soon be enjoying.

Thank you Autumn, for finally arriving. Please don’t leave too quickly as you often do.

Always yours,

Modern head shots | Headshot photos

I really enjoy doing head shots! This classic beauty needed some updated pictures for her realtor business card and I was glad she called me. We met up in downtown Bloomington and had an easy, quick session. I love this style of head shot especially as it looks more modern than the highly posed, marble backdrop, studio shot.




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