Distraction | Thoughts on not shooting


Walter Mitty and photographer, Sean O’Connell are in the upper Himalayas looking for a rare snow leopard. They spot the leopard but instead of taking the picture, O’Connell just watches it.

Walter Mitty: When are you going to take it?

Sean O’Connell: Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.

Walter Mitty: Stay in it?

Sean O’Connell: Yeah. Right there. Right here.

Have you seen the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? I absolutely loved it. I thought it was beautifully shot and a charming story. The above quote got me thinking about not shooting. In my own life I often purposely leave my camera at home. I can feel a little pressure when we go somewhere new to capture the event in a meaningful way and to get the shots I’d like. Sometimes it’s just more enjoyable for me to not worry about it at all.

I’m a huge proponent for taking your camera everywhere especially for new photographers. The more pictures you take the better photographer you can becoming. Life is about balance and that’s no different when it comes to photography. I think it’s important to find a balance between shooting for fun and sometimes leaving the camera at home.  Sometimes I want to just stay in the moment and keep it for me.

5k for Orphans | Event photography

This was my third year shooting the 5k for Orphans. Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington-Normal organizes this 5k, 1 mile walk and kids fun run at Tipton Park to support orphans. This year the proceeds went to Haiti Lifeline Ministries Orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. I was happy to volunteer my services and provide the photos for Eastview. It was especially fun as my new niece ran her first 5k. She crossed the finish line with my dad (her proud grandpa) and we all yelled loudly!














Growing by one | Maternity photography

Maternity photography is always fun for me. Pregnant women are so beautiful and glowy. I usually see them close to the end of their pregnancy so the excitement is always especially high. This lovely family included a doting dad, gorgeous momma and excited big sister. I always feel happy for clients that choose to get maternity pictures done. It’s such a transitional time in their lives so full of hope, love and joy before they welcome a new little human into this world.

maternity photography







Mr & Mrs | Wedding photography

Alright guys, take a seat…grab some coffee because this is going to be a long one. I blogged Brittney’s bridal session last week so you all know what a gorgeous bride she was. And I gotta say that Nic was looking pretty dapper too. Hope you enjoy a few photos from their special day.

We had a gorgeous day in May and I started it off in tears. Brittney had asked to make sure I shoot her dad and her seeing each other for the first time that day. Dangit, there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole room. So incredibly sweet.

wedding photography



While I was with the girls wiping away the tears, Josh was over with the guys. Naturally they were playing games, drinking and shooting guns. I mean, that’s what you do a few hours before you get married!


The girls headed out to meet up with the guys and we had our first look.  Bride and groom first looks are always so exciting/special/emotional/all of the things. Nic and Brittney enjoyed a few minutes alone before we got started on formals.





We headed to Downtown Pontiac, IL for a different setting and to finish up pictures. We also lucked out because an older gentleman drove up in a killer old car. We asked if we could borrow it for a couple pictures and he happily obliged.









We finished up formals, followed by family pictures and had a few minutes to spare. The ceremony was a meaningful service that included a beautiful song and reading by friends. And just look at that adorable bride as they walked down the aisle. I always try to get a picture of the bride and groom headed out of the church after they are pronounced husband and wife. These pictures are often blurry, slightly off centered or maybe even a little out of focus but they are consistently my favorites. Something about the imperfection is what captures the moment so perfectly. Hurried excitement as they head into the future.




After the ceremony, all of the guests made their way to the Elks Club which Brittney and Nic had decorated expertly. So many lovely details and personal touches made the reception hall perfect. I was also able to steal Brittney and Nic away for a few minutes during the reception and head outside. Those are always some favorites of mine because the couple is relaxed and feeling good now that they’re officially married. And of course we ended the night with some dancing.








It was a fantastic day. Spending the day with Nic, Brittney and all of their friends and family was a blast. Congratulations again to the new Mr & Mrs!  We wish you many, many years of happiness!

Behind the camera | About me


Hi, I’m Kimberly! I’m the face behind the camera at Knight Light Photography. I’m married to an awesome guy, Josh and we have one son named Jasper who is almost six years old. We just moved to Bloomington from the little town of Gridley and are loving the change. I thought today I’d share some random things about me so you all could get to know the photographer a little better.

For me, photography is a constantly changing and growing thing. I am reading, researching and learning things every single day. I always have a dozen tabs open on my browser with things I need to read in depth. Maybe a new camera technique or a Photoshop tutorial…there’s always something.

I love podcasts. Two of my favorites are This American Life and Radiolab. I feel like I’m always saying the phrase, “I was listening to a podcast the other day and…”. I’ve also recently started listening to some small business podcasts when I get ready. It’s a good use of my time and it has been a great source of inspiration.

I don’t like squirrels. Okay, honestly…they kind of freak me out. I think it started in college when the squirrels were so used to people they just would walk up to you. I used to feel embarrassed by this but I’ve since learned that many people think squirrels are nasty little rats. Unite squirrel haters!

My to read pile grows almost daily. I have loved reading since I was little. I spent many years walking around with my nose in a book. To keep track of my to read list, I’ve been using Libib. I was able to catalog all of our books and keep track of my wish list. (So nerdy!) This is perfect because I love shopping at used bookstores. I can never remember when I’m there what I have and what I want to get. I just can’t pass up a $4 book!

My husband calls me a city girl. I grew up in a tiny farming community where kids drove their tractors to school on certain days and everyone was a member of FFA (Future Farmers of America). Even though I’ve spent time on friends’ farms I never really experienced the typical farm activities. I’ve never even ridden on a tractor (at least not that I can remember). I actually had “milk a cow” on my life list and satisfied that at the Illinois State Fair last year. I’m sure I would have experienced more farm things if I hadn’t been such an inside kid. (See above about reading non-stop.)

I’m definitely not a morning person. Sometimes I have to tell Jasper to not talk for a few minutes so I can drink some coffee in peace. That kid wakes up talking and goes to sleep talking.

I love to bake but hate the clean up.

I’m pretty adventurous and like trying new things. I always say that I’ll try something at least once.

I thrive when I have a schedule (unlike my fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants husband). My Google calendar is always detailed and up-to-date. If one day it disappeared I would be lost and I’d probably cry a thousand tears.

I’m not really a phone talker. I often get tongue-tied and can’t remember what I’ve said or want to say. I find it much easier to type out emails. This also helps my memory since I’m pretty forgetful.

Kindness and empathy are truly important to me.

I get really excited when I can “talk shop”. Every so often I get together with a group of other photographers. We discuss our latest sessions, things we’re planning to do with our businesses, frustrations. It’s always fun to talk to someone else that gets into the same things. Hey, let’s spend 45 minutes talking about the virtues of a specific lens? Awesome.

So that’s a little snippet of who I am. I love getting to know my clients so I hope you enjoyed learning more about the photographer!