Happy cake smash | Child photography

There’s something so fun about handing a whole cake to a small child. At first this cutie wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. Once he realized it was his to eat he dug in with excitement! These cake smash sessions are fun to watch and shoot. I’m thinking all kids should get a cake after a successful photo shoot.









3 Month Old Doll | Baby photography

This three month old has the most hair I have ever seen on a baby. Add in her beautiful big eyes and I think she just looks like a doll! The hardest part of her session was trying to figure out where to put the headband with all of that hair. Three month old sessions are usually pretty simple in setups. For this one I did do a little Spring setup to celebrate the new season. It fit her personality perfectly!






Winging it in the kitchen | Easter garden cake


I enjoy baking and thankfully I inherited my mom’s baking skills. However, sometimes I like to “wing it” where I just make things up. Today I decided I bake a little Easter cake. I randomly picked up some ladyfingers yesterday at the grocery store and had the inspiration to use them as sides to a little garden. I baked a 9 inch chocolate cake and cut it in half to make two layers.


Frosted the ladyfingers to stick them to the cake, roughed up the top to look like dirt and then made frosting carrots and bunnies. Not much to it really. Jasper thinks it looks pretty cool so I call that a win. And it should taste good which is all that really matters.

Coffitivity | Hit-or-miss


Do you work well in a coffee shop? Check out Coffitivity. This website plays the sounds of a coffee shop to help you get busy and work.

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Laurel & Hardy dance to Santana – These never get old to me.

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So many expressions | Baby photography

Three month old babies are at such a fun age. They are really just starting to “do things”. Smile, coo, really respond to people… It’s also a difficult age to photograph since they’re not sitting up on their own and usually still aren’t great holding themselves up on their bellies. This little guy though made my job easy. He was so expressive! I feel like every shot I took of him was with a different expression. One of my favorite things about this job is seeing these babies grow up in front of my camera. This sweetie was just a newborn yesterday, right?